H O P E   H O U S E
 maternity home and crisispregnancy resource center 



Our  residential housing program, located in Kingsport, Tennessee, provides expectant mothers facing unplanned pregnancies who have no support, support; who have no hope, hope; who have no direction, direction. Our program offers safe, secure, and supportive long-term housing (up to two years) to pregnant women free of charge.

Services offered through the Hope House residential housing program:

· Housing, food, clothing and transportation

· Prenatal care and nursing advice

· Parenting instruction or adoption support

· Education opportunities

· Community resources and referrals

· Job placement opportunities

· Self-sufficiency training / life skills

· Health and nutrition guidance

Residential Services: (423) 292-6374


The Hope House Community Center, located at 1567 N. Eastman Road, Suite 1, in Kingsport, provides walk-in services for expectant and new mothers who find themselves in crisis situations. The center serves single women as well as married couples.  Single fathers and other caregivers may be eligible for services as well.  Offering a hand UP rather than just a “hand-out”, various incentive programs are designed to support and encourage pregnant mothers through their pregnancies and into the first years of their babies’ lives. They have the opportunity to earn free maternity and baby items through a points program.  As well as confidential pregnancy testing, the center offers options counseling, various classes throughout the month covering topics such as prenatal & postnatal care, childbirth, new infant care, early childhood development, parenting instruction, abstinence awareness and family planning, Bible study, and life skills such as financial management, employment skills, setting goals, and a monthly support group.  You can call the center at (423) 247-7994 for information on how to register for services, volunteer, or donate.

Services offered at the Hope House Community Center:

· Pregnancy Testing & Options Counseling

· Honest information about Abortion and Adoption

· Abstinence Education & Family Planning

· Post-abortion Intervention

· Prenatal & Postnatal Education

· Parenting & Life-skills Education

· Maternity and Baby Items

· Community Referrals

· Spiritual Guidance

· After-hours Help Line

Hope House Community Center
1567 N. Eastman Rd., Suite 1, Kingsport, TN 37664
Hours:  Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 am- 2:00 pm (or by appointment)

Hope House Community Center:  (423) 247-7994